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28th July 2012

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Trolldere Creepypasta Shipping…

When dealing with Lady Mischievous x Humble Little Narrator Shipping, always remember that “Trollderes” NEVER like to share…

*Troll mode ACTIVATE!*

MrCreepyPasta x HumbleLittleNarrator


TheCreepyDark x HumbleLittleNarrator


Lenny x HumbleLittleNarrator

It looks so nice on the walls! :DDDDDDD

KittenReadsHorror x HumbleLittleNarrator


Well, almost never… <3

(Just for shits and giggles, I had way too much fun making this post…)

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    Woo! Congrats Mr. Creepypasta! I congratulate you with a punch to the face! :DDDDD Powered with all (not really) my...
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    EH!? HOW!? WHEN!?
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    O-O And the shipping war starts again….. You both lose. Spike won.
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